Sonic Illustrations

Music that brings the audience on an emotional journey


Music Services

I have made a lifelong study of how music influences emotions. My compositional skills range across continents, styles and eras. I focus on thematic development, texture and depth, and enhancing the emotional core of storytelling.
I have the classical training, theoretical knowledge and instrumental skills to reinterpret a piece across a vast array of styles, instrumentations and formats.
Sonic Illustrations

Sound Design that imparts a sense of place, weight and reality to a visual work




Sound Design Services

Sound Design can add subtle verisimilitude, reinforcing visual elements, or serve to convey undercurrents of story. It can immerse the viewer in the mind of a character, or completely close them off. It is an integral, esoteric aspect of visual storytelling.
I use sound to enhance and highlight those undercurrents, with depth and understanding of the world created in the media.
Full Foley services, including replacement and fill for localization and alternate language versions


Sonic Illustrations

Capturing audio from any source, in any environment


Recording Services

Recording is a game of adaptation – constantly changing your approach to fit the scene, location, and background elements. My experience with acoustics, sound creation and recording gives me a variety of experience to pull from to adapt to these ever changing challenges.
Voiceover - Voice Acting - ADR
Sonic Illustrations

Smoothing and polishing audio to the best possible finished product




Engineering Services

Sound editing and cleanup is one of those jobs whose output, when done correctly, is not even noticable. Through constant interaction with sound, I've gained the skills and experience to fix the muddiest take.
Mixing Services – Music Mixing – Film and Television Mixing
Sound is one aspect that can make or break a film, but it's often overlooked, relegated to a last-minute scramble. But sound can be evocative, it can be a driving force behind narrative, it can play the part of an additional character, it can firmly cement a sense of place, or completely remove it, and it can act with sweeping, gut-wrenching emotion, or subtly influence the unfolding of a story.
Mastering to the strictest network requirements, and delivery in nearly any desired format and encoding.


Licensing and Purchasing Music and Sound Effects