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Composing - Scoring - Orchestration - Licensing - Commissioned Work

Music that brings the audience on an emotional journey...
Music that brings the audience on an emotional journey

Sound Design

Sound Effects - SFX Editing - Foley - Design

Sound Design that imparts a sense of place, weight and reality to a visual work...
Sound Design that imparts a sense of place, weight and reality to a visual work
Sound Design


On Set Recording - Location Sound - Studio Recording - Session Recording - Voice Acting

Capturing audio from any source, in any environment...
Capturing audio from any source, in any environment


Mixing - Mastering - Post Production - Dialogue Editing - Processing and Cleanup - Sweetening

Smoothing and polishing audio to the best possible finished product...
Smoothing and polishing audio to the best possible finished product


Projects in Detail

Projects Resumé

  • Jessica McGaugh - Director
    David is trustworthy and delivers an excellent product on time. I have hired him to do postproduction and music for two large documentary projects and I will continue to hire him for future work.
  • Musashi Alexander - Filmmaker
    David Graey won me over with just his cover letter. I knew this guy understood the importance of sound in a film. And it's evident in just how much he is capable of doing in the world of sound. David did not only all the post production sound design/mixing, he even composed the theme song to the film in which he played all of the instruments and then SANG on it. He is as all-in-one as you can get when it comes to sound work for film projects. I'll be the first to say I am very perfectionist when it comes to my work, but David was never a problem. He was the right fit for me because he appreciates all the minutiae involved in even the tiniest of sound moments when it comes to film storytelling. My film would not be what it is if it wasn't for him. Anyone would be lucky to work with him, as I certainly was.
  • David Liban - Director
    David is a super talented composer/musician. He really has a knack for composing music perfectly tailored for the documentary project he worked on for me. He demonstrated that he can compose for pretty much any genre needed and he's really a pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with him again.
  • Roma Sur - Writer
    My film partner and I hired David for our film The Golden Hour. It is a feature documentary about road accidents in India. David came forth with brilliant ideas on how to make Delhi's chaotic and overwhelming traffic a character in the film. The sound in the film is rich and dynamic. He also composed the end title track for the film which is a fusion style Indian track with lyrics. Even though he does not speak Hindi, he broke down every word and musically interpreted it to create an impressive track. Above all David has outstanding work ethic and is very easy to work with.

    David Graey

    David Graey

    Composer, Sound Designer, Engineer

    David Graey is a multidisciplinary composer, sound designer and engineer. He has worked across the modern media landscape in film, games, television, radio and interactive media. His work can be heard on networks such as National Geographic, Discovery and Epix, as well as major international film festivals. His work highlights thematic development and textural depth, and serves the emotional core of storytelling through music and sound.



    Licensing and Purchasing Music and Sound Effects