Graey Music

Music that brings the audience on an emotional journey

Sound Design that imparts a sense of place, weight and reality to a visual work

Mixing, Editing and Mastering that smoothes and polishes audio to the best possible finished product

Creating complete audio solutions

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Sound and music can work in hundreds of ways to illustrate the subtext in film, but it’s often overlooked and undervalued.  Graey Music offers scoring, sound design, mixing, editing and music licensing, to elevate your film


Audio in games can be a massive undertaking, from creating an immersive environment to driving enhancing emotion.  Graey Music provides audio assets for games that range from a complete customized world of sound to specific music pieces and effects, to elevate your game


Graey Music is always happy to assist other musicians with their craft, from an engineering, session player’s, or producer’s viewpoint.   It lets us bring out experience to help guide and polish it into the best possible form

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